Love is a Nuclear Bomb

My little Anna has a new favorite practice. She likes to pat the floor next to where she is sitting to indicate she would like you to sit by her. She will keep her face completely serious as she slaps the floor repeatedly until someone answers her patting call to sit with her. I am … Continue reading “Love is a Nuclear Bomb”

“Concerning Vegetarians and Chickens” a poem (part one)

Chickens are not vegetarians. I am a vegetarian that butchers chickens. My husband loves chicken. He eats chicken even after butchering one an hour ago. If you eat chicken, you should probably try butchering one. One daughter has become a vegetarian this year. We like vegetables. Chickens like vegetables. Chicken manure makes great compost. Tractor chickens … Continue reading ““Concerning Vegetarians and Chickens” a poem (part one)”