About Me

Hello, friend!

My name is Erika and professional title is momma, though I have a much faster response time to Erika. I am a homeschooling, homesteader-wanna-be, that gives home hair cuts to my seven homely children and one hairy husband…kidding! It was just an irresistible alliteration. They are all super cute and my husband has premature balding, so not terribly hairy, except on his eyebrows. They need occasional trimming and that has increased over the years. I promise to be more trustworthy with the rest of this post. However, the hair cutting should scare you. The hair cutting could terribly damage their social lives. Thankfully, I have 18 years experience now. It is still not a good idea for me to cut your hair.

We live on a twenty acre farm that we treasure like a homeland and feel the freedom to try just about anything agrarian, aka crazy. I enjoy the gratification of doing things myself from getting dressed, to childbirth (well I like the after part), and a personal favorite, nursing. I also enjoy homesteading and homemaking and homeschooling. Here I go again with the h’s.

To say it simply, I am an optimistic domestic (and that is to be differentiated from a happy maid, children). I am hopelessly sold on trying to make our bustling home run more smoothly and self-sufficiently, all the while looking House Beautiful. I know, I don’t know where I get these ideas.

On a daily basis my mom meter goes from completely overwhelmed to exceedingly grateful and full of joy.

I think it is a good life!


See not homely at all!