Dearest Decor Ghosts of Christmas Past








Picture a gigantic, gaudy, sparkly red and green ball of panic, trussed up with anything that emits Christmas, marching like a trumpet band into your house to camp out in every nook and cranny for a whole solid month. Imagine with your nose an olfactory hallucination of a noxious, artificially scented evergreen dust bomb exploding in your house. Taste, if you will allow me, a cheap dry freezer burnt sugar cookie that you are only eating because it’s Christmas time. It’s Christmas time and you must eat it.

This was my experience toting up a few harmless Christmas decorations from the basement last week. It was hard to recognize the feelings of anxiety masquerading as slight displeasure and dissonance with mere decor placement. Because?

Rising Action:

Why in the world would Christmas decorations cause me to feel panicky? Dramatic? I am sorry, but I guess, yes. And, are there much greater problems in the world? And, again, uh huh.

Nonetheless, please forgive my shallow concept of drama and just know it was still a mighty festive panic that crawled up my throat like a roach Grinch and punctured a serious drain on my newfound Christmas cheer.

All I could think was when will this all be over.

Normally, I do enjoy rummaging through the seasonal decor and finding just the right spot for Mr. and Mrs. Claus, the reindeer, the numerous bunches of artificial foliage, wreaths, three or four nativity sets, miniature trees, sleighs, bells, ornaments, lights, candles. Oh boy.

Yep. Festive panic.

Over the summer I anticipated this stimulation overload and went through the Christmas decorations and pared things down to what I really liked and/or is sentimental enough to hold onto. So, naturally taking them out for their time to shine was the appropriate thing to do and should have been a pleasure after being so nicely and neatly stored away. Because, obviously you use the things you keep, and it was now my duty to display them whether I liked it or not.

There they were propped up on the mantle, looking dumb and still dumber, and nothing like what I hoped for or my Christmas pinterest board. Baa. I guess that’s the way things are. Humbug. It must be the house that is making these decorations look so bad because I remember these things looking so nice in Christmas past.

I can’t just have Christmas decorations and NOT use them?

Wait. What?


I packed those decorations right back up and down the stairs, and guess what? They didn’t care at all. They were like maybe we’ll have a shot next year? Yes, maybe next year if you survive the next summer purge. Maybe? Anyways, it’s not you, it’s me.

Falling action:

Now. What do I like?

Oh, that’s easy. I like simple. I like clean. I like berries, pomegranates, cranberries, oranges. I like real evergreen garland, twig wreaths, beeswax candles.


Why, hello there, Christmas spirit! So glad you came back for me.




20161202_120842p.s. This is happening upstairs. I thought you should know. If you don’t understand: Here. Thanks, Mary A. for the great idea! Now the kids are complaining that the clothes are too dry, and the washer sounds like it is going to take off the ground. Dear Santa….

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