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We went for a little shopping trip yesterday. All we needed was a basket and gloves, no money or a car. I knew I needed to go when I started perusing “natural decorations” online at Target. Only the girls were interested in my little trip. I told them to be on the look out for “pretty things.” We pulled out the snow gear and went for a walk around the yard.

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My mother and I started a twig wreath together a few weeks ago, but mine didn’t turn out quite right. Here is my first wreath, a pinterest fail, for sure.


It was a good start, and I almost just lived with it. However, all was not lost. Turns out that adding some thin spindly, alternating branches to it really helped fixed things! And, I am SO happy with it now and for the price of free! Well, I guess you do need floral wire but I had some around the house and I hope you do, too!

What you need:

Wire clothes hanger

Lots of branch tips from birch or a bush with spindly alternating branches.

Floral wire


First: Unravel a wire clothes hanger and twist at top to make a circle shape. You can see mine is not perfect and that’s okay.


Second: Break branches.

These are the first wreath bundles and they made a good base to fill the inner circle. I unfastened my “fail” and reworked it. Break your branch ends to about 8 inch length and bundle them in groups of 8-10. You are going to need about 13 bundles and will add more, so don’t secure them just lay them out on a table.


Third: Add in your spindly branches.

Mine were about 12-18 inches. If you would like it shorter or longer just adjust the length here.

Fourth: Secure the bundles with floral wire as you work in one direction. I wrapped them once about 2 inches up from the base with about 1 1/2 feet of wire. I only had silver colored wire and colored them in with black marker to cover the metal color. Yes, it showed. If you have black or brown wire it would be ideal.

I like the way it looks simple for Thanksgiving, but may add a few berries and a bow for Christmas and then take it off for the rest of the year.



Ballet pointe shoe bag in the making…


Mary made a little wreath by stringing leaves on floral wire.


Etsy shop is updated with seasonal soaps and gift options.

Happy Thanksgiving, Week!


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